The story of a photographer

Lover of tea, chocolate & messy buns. Obsessed with sunsets, flowers and improving my art. I have two tiny humans of my own and they are the reason I do what I do and in return I'm honored to do the same for you! You'll find I'm very laid back, extremely patient but also a planner and organizer (in business... maybe not so much in real life, ha).

Some things you may not know... Zarine is actually my middle name. In a former life I was a professional singer/actress in NYC, piano & vocal teacher, a personal assistant to a high-profile family and an avid runner (not all at the same time). While now the only singing I do is "baby shark" while getting your littles attention, I am at my best when I am creating something and photography has given me back so much of myself!

My work

I've spent the past couple of years trying to figure out my style and where I fit in amongst all the other photographers out there. I've come to the realization that there isn't just one style I deeply connect with but several. I enjoy running in fields with you, chasing smiles and watching you play and tickle your children. I also enjoy creating more artistic and classic setups in the studio which can stand the test of time.

Throughout all my work, I always try to get a mix of authentic and staged posing. I aim to shoot genuine connections and real moments in hopes that someday, when you look at your images, you'll be taken back to that moment in time.

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“My husband and I decided to do a newborn shoot for our baby girl with Jen in her studio. It was an awesome experience. Jen was amazing to work with. She took her time and was super patient with the three of us. It was nice and warm in the studio so our baby was comfortable and it was Jen that did all of the dressing up and down of the baby. She definitely has a gift with babies as our newborn was very calm with her, definitely because Jen was very calm and relaxed herself. I would most definitely recommend”

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