Deluxe Session Prep Guide

Things to Bring:

  • Pacifier (even if it hasn't been introduced yet, or you don't plan to introduce at all, it can help to settle baby in between posing... don't worry they won't get addicted!)
  • Bottles with pumped milk/ formula (if your baby takes one, otherwise no worries)
  • Hairbrush for baby
  • Any special items you may want to incorporate in photos (don't worry if you don't have anything)
  • Snack/Food, Drinks for yourself (I also have water & small snacks available for you here)

To Do:

  • Keep baby awake as much as possible prior to their session time…. At least 1.5 - 2 hours… I recommend some time left un-swaddled so they can kick their legs, followed by a bath. If baby still has not lost their umbilical cord and you must sponge bathe, do take care to wash his/her hair as clean newborn hair photographs best.  
  • Dress baby in a zip/button up sleeper. Something loose fitting is best so as not to leave lines on their skin and nothing that will need to be pulled over their head.
  • Give baby an extra feeding before buckling him/her into the car seat. Allow baby to fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. When you arrive at the studio, please carry baby inside in their car seat. I will be the one to unbuckle and remove him/her and we will go right to work. If traveling more than 45 minutes I will have you feed baby at the studio when you arrive.
  • Please note that the studio will be kept between 80 - 85 degrees to keep your little one warm while in their birthday suit. Therefore, I recommend that family members dress in layers so that you may remove as needed to remain comfortable. Do bring an extra outfit for yourself in case baby soils your clothing (If opting for un-swaddled parent pics)... this happens often. 
  • Parent/sibling pictures are done first, so please come as ready to go as possible, you may change at the studio. Ladies - you may choose to have your hair/makeup done at the studio in which case I will do solo baby photos first and you can just relax while getting a little pampering!


  • If nursing, please avoid caffeine 48 hours prior to your session. If you feel your baby is particularly gassy please also avoid all dairy products 48 hours before your session -- milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or any food that has milk or milk products in it.
  • Please don't introduce anything new to baby right before your session, i.e. try not to introduce a new formula or switch to formula if you've been nursing, etc. Please always consult with your pediatrician first.

What to Wear:

  • If you prefer a white backdrop, please dress in light colors on top... white, cream, light gray, beige, etc. 
  • If you prefer a dark gray backdrop, then dressing in darker colors/ black/ jewel tones looks best!
  • Textures like lace photograph nicely.
  • I try and shoot new parents from the waist up (unless siblings are involved, then sometimes we see more) and YES, I will photoshop a few pounds off of mom if she is still feeling self conscious about her weight.
  • Many new moms just opt to wear one of the studio maternity gowns as they are comfy and stretchy and work great if wanting to do parent photos with a nude baby (no mess on your clothes incase of an accident) Men can wear a solid button down and roll up the sleeves, a plain white tee shirt or no shirt for skin to skin pics. Please try and avoid logos.
  • Please be sure to remove any chipped nail polish and be mindful of the lipstick you wear... I will be taking pics of you kissing baby and prefer real kisses to fake ones! 


124 Rising Ridge Rd. Ridgefield, CT 06877 

The house is set back from the road on a shared driveway but you’ll see the number on the mailbox. Feel free to text the day of if you have any questions, 646-382-2074