Lifestyle Session Prep Guide

To Do:

  • Keep baby awake as much as possible prior to their session time (1.5 - 2 hours)…. I recommend some time with their legs free (unswaddled) followed by a long bath. If baby still has not lost their umbilical cord and you must sponge bathe, do take care to wash his/her hair as clean newborn hair photographs best.
  • Bump up the heat in your house… this will help keep baby nice and sleepy.
  • Give baby an extra feeding before I’m due to arrive. Begin about half hour before my arrival and make sure she/he gets out all the burps!

What to Wear:

Please feel free to share your outfits with me beforehand... this is a huge element in helping me to create beautiful photos for you!

  • I encourage everyone to wear lighter colors on top… white, cream, beige, light pink, light gray… etc… textures (like lace) are great. If you have darker tones in your home then you can dress to match. Some moms also choose to wear one of my maternity gowns as they are comfy and can fit a variety of shapes.
  • I will bring wraps for the baby, but if you have a simple white onesie or another outfit you’d like baby in, I’m happy to photograph that as well. I will just wrap them up if they are fussing or want to sleep. If planning to have baby in an outfit, please choose something that fits well... nothing too baggy or pouffy as it can drown out the baby. Something that shows their feet is preferred.
  • Please be sure to remove any chipped nail polish and be mindful of the lipstick you wear... I will be taking pics of you kissing baby and would prefer real kisses to fake ones! 


I work with an amazing online styling site which offers accessible photo-approved outfits from everyday sites in just a few clicks! 

  1. Go to the questionnaire and use access code 93pps8n3 (changes monthly) to begin styling your entire family
  2. Fill out the simple Style Questionnaire about your family, color scheme you are wanting and the vibe of clothes you’d like to see. 
  3. Play around with different outfit combos until you’re happy!
  4. Click the email button to send yourself an email with the shopping links for your selected items or shop for the clothes right away by clicking the shopping cart buttons

Your Home: 

  • When I arrive at your home I’ll ask for you to show me around. Please don’t feel you need to tidy up… I have two young kids and have seen it all! I’ll just ask to move things out of the way as we go along. Sessions are typically done in the main living area, master bedroom and nursery but I may not use these spaces if the light isn’t good. I prefer natural light and will go anywhere I can find it. Don’t be surprised if we end up in the dining room, kitchen or elsewhere!