You brought a brand new beautiful bundle of joy into the world and that's reason to celebrate amidst all of this COVID-19 mess! My heart is just broken right now as everything has been put on a halt but I still want to be there for you, support you and celebrate with you! As I can't physically be there to document your new life with baby, I've decided to share a few tips for taking your own newborn photos! Have fun and be sure to share some of your images with me!

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Before you begin

It's easiest to take your babies photo when they are nice and sleepy. Wait until after baby has had a long awake stretch... give them a long bath (or sponge bath if their cord is still attached). Make sure to wash their hair as clean, fuzzy baby hair photographs best! Bump up the temp in your house, the heat helps to keep baby nice and sleepy.

Ridgefield newborn photographer

Choose simple clothing

A swaddled baby is generally a happy sleepy baby! Swaddle and give baby a good feeding just before you plan to take pics. If baby is already nice and sleepy and you'd like to leave them unwrapped, be sure to use a simple outfit like a onesie... outfits that are too baggy or flouncy can swallow baby. Choose simple, neutral colored clothing for yourself as well!

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Turn off all lights in your home and avoid using camera flash. Natural light is the most flattering light. Shoot close to a window but also make sure there is no direct sunlight. If there is too much light you can use sheer curtains to block. Make sure the light is falling from the top of their head and down rather than up their nose. Think about how unflattering we look when holding a flashlight under our chin!

be sure to have someone near baby at all times

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Be sure to capture all different angles! Get up high and angle down. Avoid shooting up their nose. Also, stand back. As much as we want cute closeups, it's nice to have some pulled back shots to put into perspective just how tiny baby is! Play with all different angles, move around baby and keep snapping away!

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Don't forget to capture all those cute little details! Try and get closeups of their toes, ears, fingers and nose. It's also cute to use your own hands next to theirs to show how tiny they are. Don't forget their profile.

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Try a variety of different locations throughout your home! Place baby in their crib, on your bed, on the couch, etc. Wherever you feel there is good natural light! It might be in your kitchen!? Bonus Tip: If baby isn't swaddled keep their legs tucked in and hold their arms down so they don't startle as you move them around.

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Fairfield County newborn photographer

Get in the photos

You may not be feeling quite like yourself yet, you're tired and getting dressed feels like the last thing you want to do right now. Do your future self a favor and get in the photos... both parents! Your little one will want that memory of how much they were loved when they first entered the world! If you don't have anyone to help take pics of both parents together, be sure to take turns taking pics of each other with baby!

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Camera Tips

While having a DSLR is nice, great shots can also be taken with your iPhone! Avoid zooming in on your phone... instead, just stand closer to your subject or crop later. Don't worry about using portrait mode as it can sometimes make photos look cheap or more pixelated if not done correctly.

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Have fun

This shouldn't add more stress, it's meant to be fun! If baby is fussy or not cooperating you can try the next day. Don't forget, even crying pics are cute... at least you'll think so down the road. Keep things simple.

No matter what pics you get, you'll be happy you tried when you look back years later! Remember, babies are cute no matter what!

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