Inspired by Anastasia Chomlack from I am honored to announce that I am offering One for One Gratitude sessions for Essential workers.

A couple nights ago, our neighborhood joined together in a large car train to honor our neighbors who work in the healthcare field. The turnout was amazing and the loud clangs of pots and pans, horns, sirens and shout of thanks was overwhelming and emotional.

So many people are sacrificing their own time with their families so I can spend time with mine.

I’m incredibly hopeful that we will all find our footing again, that we’ll collectively come up with the solutions that support each other and our local businesses, and that we’ll find a way to repay the debt we owe to the grocery store workers, nurses, doctors, truck drivers, farmworkers, police, first responders, emergency childcare providers, pharmacists, insurance agents, firemen, drugstore operators and other essential workers...for sure I missed someone!...who are the only reason we can take care of our families at home right now.

In this spirit, and hoping to encourage others to do what they reasonably can too, I’m offering one-for-one local family sessions. If you’ve been appreciating your family like I have lately and feel able to invest in a family photo session at this time, please do!

All local family sessions booked between now and the end of April will purchase an additional photo session for an essential front line worker of YOUR choice and their family.

I know this will eventually pass and we will be gathered together again. Until then, in this time of grief and fear, please keep cheering each other on. Your love and resilience are powerful.

*All photo sessions to take place (of course!) when physical social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

Sign up now (the details)!

These sessions are for immediate family members only (no more than 6 people). Half hour sessions are $325 (plus tax) and include 20 digital images. Your nominated family will receive the same equal value session as a gift.

***All parties must book their session by the end of December 2021. Gifted sessions cannot be used between September 15th - November 15th this year or next. I will begin booking session dates once social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

*If you are a photographer who is interested in participating please head to to get all of the information.